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October 10, 2018

Nightly Homework


Double-sided sheet due Friday


Double-sided sheet due Friday


Double-sided sheet due Friday
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Current Events Group 2 is due Friday!
Test on World Map on Friday


Literary Focal Points.pdf
Polygons in Coordinate Plane for Website.pdf
signature t-shirt.doc
Surface Area Cards for Website.pdf
take home reading.pdf
​​​​​​​​​​Classroom Pages

Specials' Schedule
After School Basketball Information
Division Games
Long Division Game 1​
Long Division Millionaire Game​​​
Decimal Games
​​​Decimals on a Numberline​

​Decimal Games​
Multiplying Decimals (Team Game)​
Multiplying Decimals Alien Game​
Practice Multiplying Decimals​
​Dividing Decimals Game​
LCM/GCF Online Quiz​
LCM/GCF Snowball Fight
GCF Sketch Game​
Games for LCM/GCF/Factoring​
 Geometry Games
Area Blocks​
Minecraft Volume
Volume of Cubes and Rectangular Prisms​​​
Area & Perimeter Pirates​​​
Study Jam: Area of Irregular Shapes
Multiplying Fractions
Math Playground
Snow Sprint
Expressions and Equations Games
Write Variable Expressions
Walk the Plank(Hard)​
Graph Inequalities on a Number Line​
Solve  Equations and Inequalities​
Simplifying Terms​
Writing Algebraic Expressions​
High Stakes Heist​ ​
Divisiblity Rules/Prime & Composite Numbers Games
Divisibility Game​
Divisibility Millionaire
Prime & Composite Fruit Splat​
Dividing Fractions
Math Playground
​Ratio & Rate
​Math Games
Ratio Blaster​
​​Matching Rates
Ratio Rumble​
Percent Games​
Review Decimals/Percents/Ratios
​Number Invaders​
Math at the Mall
Percents of Numbers​
Matching Percent​

Integer Games​
Integer PacMan​
​Integer Football
Fruit Game
Number Climb
Absolute Value Game
Absolute Value Game (HARD)​
Absolute Value Game 2
​Graphing on the Coordinate Plane ​
Practice with Coordinates​
Treasure Hunt

Locate the Aliens
Basketball Game​
Rescue Mission
Coordinate Plane Jeopardy​
Stock the Shelves
Save the Zogs 

Create a Line Graph​
Interpreting Data with the Plague​
Box & Whisker Video​

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