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May 30, 2018

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(Ced) Equations Review (2 sides)
(White) Equations Review (2 sides)

(Ced) Ch.1 Vocabulary
(White) none
Writing (Ced) Brainstorm memories for essay.  Talk to your parents and look at pictures if possible!!
​​Math MCAS

DONE!  Woot woot!




1:55- 2:40



1:05- 1:50 (1st half of Year)

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 1:50- 2:40 (2nd half of year)



12:10- 1:00


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1:50- 2:40




1:00- 1:50 

Camp Bournedale Vocabulary2.pdf
8/13/2015 10:11 AMCederbaum, Diana
Lesson 1.1.ppt
9/7/2016 3:24 PMCederbaum, Diana
Lesson 1.4 Long Division2016.ppt
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Stem and Leaf Intro activityPP.pptx
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Horrendous Soup: Measurement Conversion Game​

Fraction, Decimal, Percent Decention​Ratio Blaster 

Ratio Stadium

Dividing Fractions Basketball​

Dividing Fractions Practice~ Moon Shoot

Mr. Nussbaum Long Division Practice​ 

Sonar Interactive​

Changing Earth Pangea & Plate Tectonics

Improper Fraction Jeopardy

Explore Amazing Space​

GCF: Fruit Shoot​

Solar System Trading Cards​

Quizlet Link for Studying​

LCM: Snowball Fight Game

Greek & Latin Roots​

 Box-and-Whisker Plot​

Continents & Oceans Game

Four Hemispheres Quiz

Camp Bournedale​

Central America Map Quiz

Central America Map Quiz 2​

South America Map Quiz 1

South Quiz 2​

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