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​​​​​​​​​​Readers' Workshop

Unit 1 - ​​Interpretting Characters​​Unit 2 - Interpretting Weather​Unit 3 - Reading History​Unit 4 - Historical Fiction Clubs
​​Revolution Articl​es​
Give me liberty speech
Boston Tea Party - Liberty Kids
Boston Tea Party Part 2 - Liberty Kids​​
No More King! - Schoolhouse Rock​

​Because of Winn-Dixie

​Lewis and Clark and Me

​On the Banks of Plum Creek 

​The Horned Toad Prince

​​Letters Home from Yosemite

         Background Knowledge

​Winn-Dixie Kahoot ​

Winn - Dixie

Winn-Dixie Map​​

Quiz 1-7.pdf

Quiz 8-13.pdf

quiz 21-26.pdf

Quiz 14-20.pdf

        Comprehension Skill
Sequence - Activity 
Sequence - Quia Quiz 
     Comprehension Strategy 
Summarize - Studyzone 
Summarize - Quia ​
Background Knowledge 
​Lewis and Clark Journey
Lewis and Clark background
Sacagawea background
Comprehension Skill
Author's Purpose Game
Quia- Author's Purpose
     Comprehension Strategy
Question and Answer ​
​Comprehension Review Skill​
Cause and Effect Game
Quia-Cause and Effect ​
      Background Knowledge
Little House on the Prairie-Video​​​
Vocabulary Quizlet​
       Comprehension Skill
     Comprehension Strategy
Prior Knowledge-KWL ​
  Comprehension Review Skill 
Author's Purpose Game
Author's Purpose Activity  
     Background Knowledge
The Frog Prince - Video ​
     ​Comprehension Skill
Author's Purpose - Studyzone
Author's Purpose - Types of texts
Vocabulary Quizlet​
   Comprehension Strategy 
Story Structure-Flobaculary
Story Structure- Quia  ​
Vocab ​quizlet 
Cloze reading
Quia vocabulary 
Vocab games 
Vocab study stack​ ​​​
       Background Knowledge
​Yosemite - National Geographic​
       Comprehension Skill
​Main Idea - Brain Pop​
Main Idea - Studyzone​
    Comprehension Strategy
Text Structure - ​​Studyzone
Text Features -  Studyzone​


​What Jo Did​Coyote School News ​Scene Two​Horse Heroes​​So You Want to Be President
​Vocab - Quizlet ​Quia - Drawing Conclusions​
Studyzone - Drawing conclusions​
Multi-meaning words​
Vocab - Quizlet​
​Quia - Fact and Opinion​
Kahoot - Vocabulary​ 
Vocab - Quizlet​
Main Idea - S.S​
Vocab - Quizlet ​


​Man Who Named the Clouds​Adelina's Whales​How Night Came From the Sea​Eye of the Storm ​Paul Bunyan 
Action and linking verbs ​
Verb games ​
Man Who Named Clouds Video​
Kahoot - Vocab ​
Vocabulary - quizlet​
Quizlet ​

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