​​A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots. 

- Marcus Garvey ​

Mayas, Incas, & Aztecs


 The Age of Exploration


  Colonial America                                          


 The American Revolution


Vikings - BBC Viking Quest

Vikings - BBC Archaeological Dig

Vikings - BBC Viking House

Vikings - BBC Thorkel and the Trading Voyage

Vikings - Smithsonian Vikings The North Atlantic Saga

Vikings - NOVA - Explore the World of Vikings

Colonial Williamsburg

Explore Jamestown Interactive

Colonial Primary Sources from the Library of Congress

PBS Colonial House

Liberty: The American Revolution from PBS

Latitude and Longitude Challenge

Nat Geo - On the Trail of John Smith (Jamestown)

World Continents and Oceans Quiz​

Mayan Math

Mayan Memory Match

Mayan Tic Tac Toe

The Great Inca Rebellion

Maya Quest​

Dig It Games: Mayan Mystery​

PBS - Explorers Info​

Math is ...

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​TED Talk: Math is the Hidden Secret to Understanding the World

You Cubed: Week of Inspirational Math​

Place Value Games

Rounding Decimals Baseball

Multiply and Divide Decimals by Powers of Ten

Writing Expressions with Variables

Simplifying Expressions​

Mount Vernon Slavery

Slavery​ at Monticello: The Paradox of Liberty

Interactive Map of Revolutionary War Era Boston 

National Archives: Declaration of Independence

National Archives: Bill of Rights

National Archives: The Constitution

New England's Whaling History