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 Email: ​kelleym@wrenthamschools.org


​Mrs. Kelley - 508.384.5430 ext. 3480 

-Read from one of your "Just Right Books" over vacation. Fill in your reading log after you read. Log is due on Monday, February 25th with at least 140 minutes. Happy reading! 
Fact Practice -Practice your miltiplication and division facts over vacation. Fill in your log. Log is due on Monday, February 25th with at least 70 minutes practiced.


Social Studies:

Interesting Information:
-Crazy Socks Day - Monday, Feb. 25th
-Mismatch Day - Tuesday, Feb. 26th
-Crazy Hair Day - Wednesday, Feb. 27th
-Book Character Dress Up Day! -Thursday, Feb 28th
-Wear Red and White OR A Dr. Seuss shirt -Fri., March1​


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Virtual Zoo

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National Geographic

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Factors and Multiples Game​

Area and Perimeter​

Mental Division with remainders​
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